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24GMIV: Donation Raffle Prizes

So with our next gaming marathon announced starting at 10am on the 30th April, it’s time we st...[Read More]

24 Hour Gaming Marathon IV

Welcome All, All of us here at The Playstation Show UK are happy to officially announce our 4th 24Ho...[Read More]

Donate to Decide

So here it is (God Help Us) As you are aware it is quickly coming up to our next 24Hour Gaming Marat...[Read More]

TPSUK – Gaming Marathon III

So many of you were asking when will be our next gaming marathon, So this is it our official announc...[Read More]

TPSUK Community GOTY 2015

2015 has come to an end and the gaming industry has given us a plethora of games to sink our teeth i...[Read More]

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185 TPSUK: The Worst DC Films

Episode 185 of The Playstation Show UK This episode starts with two and ends with four, We discuss t...[Read More]

184 TPSUK: Thank You Everyone

This is the episode after out 24Hour Gaming Marathon, we also drawn the giveaway winners and read ou...[Read More]

183 TPSUK: Donate to listen

This episode is the build up to our 24 Hour gaming marathon which is happening in only a few days, i...[Read More]

182 TPSUK: Free To Listen

This episode, Bod talks about Mass Effect and if the woes are justified or a load of BS, We discuss ...[Read More]

181 TPSUK: Not All is Clear

This episode there is gremlins in the system, a conspiracy plot to sabotage our podcast, but we pers...[Read More]

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