Three Fourths Home (Extended Edition) Review


Three Fourths Home, simply put is not a game but an interactive story, with branching story lines, much like the old choose your adventure books (that we used to hold the page to make sure we made the right choice).

I won’t go into the detail of the story as this would spoil the ‘game’. But the over arching story is your a 24 year old girl named Kelly driving home to her parents. The story is told as one continuous phone call between you (Kelly) and members of her family. The game has only a few buttons needed, you must continue driving (holding R2) throughout, you can put on a tape (triangle) and responding to the conversation using square and x.

The graphics are very simplistic using only white, grey and black (although there is a dash of red at the beginning), but suit the game perfectly especially when add the sounds into the game. As mentioned before, you can play a tape by pressing triangle, when played this music comes through the dual-shock 4’s speaker.

The game does a fantastic job of drawing you into Kelly’s world and makes you feel a real connection with the characters portrayed.

The game is relatively short probably clocking in around an hour for the main story, maybe a touch more. Once finished there is the epilogue to play, plus the extras which consist of Kelly’s final photography coursework (and it’s marking) and some stories to read.

All of the trophies can be obtained with no hassle in around 2 hours.

I really enjoy Three Fourths Home, it was relaxing and something different.



  • Beautifully crafted.
  • Engaging.
  • Easy trophies.


  • A bit short (although longer may have hurt the story).
  • An experience rather than a game.


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