Urban Trial Freestyle Vita review


Urban Trial Freestyle Playstation Vita review


System: PS Vita (also available on Playstation 3 and Nintendo 3DS).
Price: £7.99 (20% Discount for Plus Members) (Download 182MB).
Developer: Tate Interactive.
Publisher: Tate Multimedia.
Reviewed by: Lee Taylor

Urban Trial Freestyle is a game that can be added to a growing list of essential games for your Playstation Vita.

THE-BIG-DON here, bringing you guys and gals a review of Urban Trial Freestyle on the Playstation Vita.

Now a few of you that may have listened to TPSUK podcast or Grumpy Gamers podcast, may have heard myself say that the only exclusive (or at least the main one) that I would love to have on the Playstation network, is Trials HD or its sequel Trials Evolution. So have Tate interactive managed to give me what I want? Read on to find out….


The basics of the game, you’re a biker on a dirt bike, set on a 2D plane with 3D background with some tracks having collapsing parts or rolling boulders after you, giving the game some real depth. The main menu is split into 2 main sections on the menu screen; you have Challenges and Play Game (the main meat of the game).

The challenges consist of 5 different challenges unlocked by playing every level of each of the 5 areas in the main game.
The challenges range from jumping onto some exploding barrels to a gravity track that uses the gyro in the Playstation Vita, turn the Vita and the world rotates on the screen.
The challenges to be fair are little more than mini games and you will probably only play them a couple of times, or maybe a few more if you’re a score chaser and want be either the best in the world or just to beat your friends scores.


Onto the main part of the game, there are 5 sections each with 8 levels (plus 2 tutorials). The levels are then split into trick tracks and speed tracks.
The trick tracks have you performing certain tricks, like the furthest jump and precision jumps.
The speed tracks are quite self-explanatory with you racing to end in the fastest time possible, racing with you is a ghost (internet connection needed) of the fastest person to have completed the track.
Each time you complete a level you get awarded a set number of stars (out of 5), the stars accumulate to unlock the next tracks.
Within the levels there are cash bags to collect which can be used to purchase upgrades for your dirt bike making it better for handling or speed.

The gameplay is simple and easy to pick up, you use the left trigger to brake / reverse, the right trigger to accelerate and the left stick to balance your rider on his bike, although simple they fit the game perfectly.
The game is really easy to play but challenging to master and at times frustrating to shave those few seconds off to get the next star, or to land the perfect precision jump.
Once the leader boards start filling up with friends it will be the perfect game for bragging rights.
There is also a really good feature for even more bragging rights on the Vita, On the main menu, you can use the camera to put your face into the game, so if you own the longest jump on a certain track, a billboard with your face on will be displayed before the jump.


The graphics are crisp and clear allowing you to see exactly what you need to be doing on the track.
The game also has some great rag doll physics for when your driver comes off his bike (and he will). The lighting is really good with flames flickering and lit caverns and the audio works really well with the game, with realistic engine sounds and background music, the only thing that may start to get annoying is the cheesy phrases from the American commentator, but that’s only a minor issue.

Closing Comments:
I really enjoyed this game, and cannot find any faults with it that would detract from my score. Urban Trial Freestyle  is a game that can be added to a growing list of essential games for your Playstation Vita.
Trying to 5 stars every level, collect all the cash and score chasing amongst friends, this game will keep you going for a long time, a game that has that “just one more go”  feel, you need this on your Vita today.
To answer my starting questions “Have Tate Interactive has given me what I want…..?
That’s one big HELL YES!
I think this game could become even bigger with DLC; there is no word whether there will be any but I could see some coming to expand the game even further.

Thank you Tate Interactive I love this game.



ZonalRipper has done a Video Review of the PS3 version which you can find HERE on our YouTube Channel


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