Super Destronaut DX Review PS4 & Vita Reviewed by THE-BIG-DON


Date: 24/11/2018
Reviewed by THE-BIG-DON
Cost: £3.99
Developer: Petite Games

Publisher: Ratalika Games


This is going to be a short quick review of Super Destronaut DX, a neon update of the classic shmup (Shoot em up for those that are not as old as me) Space Invaders. The game is in what I like to call the ‘pocket money’ price, think anything under around £6, priced at just £3.99, you not only get the PS4 version but also the PSVita version. Now that’s some good value there, as you not only get it twice but each version has its own trophy list (more on this later).



The game is as simple as its predecessor, as aliens descend from the top of the screen whilst also firing missiles at you. Each alien has their own type of firing mechanic, you have things like homing and twisty missiles to compete with. Different enemies also take more hits to kill. Also with select enemies (and some background enemies) that are ‘ghost’ like, ie white, can not be killed but you can still shoot them for extra points. Sometimes there is an enemy in the top row that you will kill and this will grant you with a powered up weapon for a select amount of time, also slowing the game down.



The levels are all basically the same but the enemies get faster, so can begin to get tricky. The controls are very simple, left, right and fire, but they are tight and don’t suffer any lag.

There are a couple of modes within the game.

First of there is Classic mode, which is that you start with 3 lives and see how far you can go, racking up the highest score you can before losing all of your lives.

Secondly there is Hardcore mode, which is much the same as above, but the game gives you just one life and the enemies are already slightly faster.

Thirdly there is Time Trail mode, that gives you a set amount of time to rack up the biggest score possible with infinite lives.

Fourthly and finally there is a challenge mode, which has numerous challenges, like kill x amount of enemies or collect x amount of power ups.



Now two games, two trophy lists all for such a cheap price, it even gets better for all you trophy whores out there, as the two lists can easily be done within 30 minutes on each game, not only will you get all the trophies, but each game includes a shiny Platinum for you too.

I genuinely enjoyed playing this simple shmup, it is not re-inventing the wheel or adding anything new, however it is fun to play and easy to waste a bit of time playing. Plus it’s nice and cheap, great bargain in my opinion.

Score 7/10

Trophy Whore Score 10/10 Must by!



Gamer for life, from Bognor Regis, started gaming way back on the Spectrum and now a true PlayStation fan boy.

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