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Product:     Sony Pulse Wireless Headset
Best Price: £95.97 / $129.99
Reviewer: @ZonalRipper

So a few days after Christmas and I thought I would treat myself to a pair of Sony Pulse Wireless Headset

Now most of you that know me, will know that I did own a pair of Turtle Beach’s DPX21’s, I loved these but that Damn wire took its toll and I had to go wireless so I went for these.

So firstly – What are they?
The Sony Pulse Headset are a wireless stereo headset with Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound and Feature Bass Impact Technology (More on this later)

Design & Comfort
When I first pulled these out of the box the first think I noticed was how solid these were, and I don’t mean “Pin you head to the floor” type of solid, I mean in a “Well crafted, not going to break in a months time” kind of solid, The Piano Black with the chrome give it it’s sleek sexy look and the ear cups are a decent size to fit my lug holes in.
The weight  is good, Not heavy at all but a decent weight so they feel secure on your head, The foam on the headband and ear cups are a decent thickness,  enough that they sit comfortably for long periods of Gameplay / Film Watching.
The layout of the buttons are good to, Volume Control, Power and Mute on one side, Bass impact, Listening Modes on the other.

Audio Quality
I am no Sony Fan boy but we all know that Sony do a decent job with audio equipment and speakers and I would hazard to say that the speakers used in these headsets are in Sony’s high-end range, So is that good then?
Absolutely, I have tested these Gaming, Movie & Music and i have to say the clarity of the sound is really good, In games like Battlefield 3 i was hearing things that i never heard before with my Turtlebeach and the 7.1 Virtual Surround worked well at pinpointing footprints, Music sounds good as do movies.
The Mic, which is nicely hidden away in the ear piece is also very good and people said that I was loud and clear.

Bass Impact – This feature has been put in for the people who like there skulls to shake and ears to bleed, but in all honesty the feature adds almost a rumble effect to your experience, deep bass levels will cause the headset to shake and vibrate through your brain, well at least on the highest setting it did, but if you fine tune the level you can actually get an added experience from these, My example again is Battlefield 3, enabling the bass impact at about 1/4 level i was getting added depth to ambient noises (Background Explosions and rockets) but also to my grenades and guns.

Listening Modes – This is your pre-set listening modes that you can change to effect your current mood, the headsets comes preset with the following modes

All modes and tweaked to help you get the best audio experience from your entertainment. I.E Shooter mode will increase the bass level to make those guns sound a little be more meaty
An added feature to this is that Sony have release a PS3 app that allows you to tweak and create your own Listening modes, Now currently as it stands i cannot find this on the UK stores but i believe it is available for the US


If you are after a wireless headset, with high build quality some quality features then i don’t think you can go wrong with a pair of these. Sony have a done a great job here and any gamer/music fan will not be disappointed

I Loved
– Build Quality
– Audio & Mic Quality
– No Mic Arm to break
– Price Tag (The build quality is brilliant for the price)

Didn’t Love
– Lack of Charge Cable
– Price Tag (These are not cheap and might be out of price range for some people)
– PS3 app not available in UK/EU



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Comments on Review: Sony Pulse 7.1 Wireless Stereo Headset

  • https://www.facebook.com/realworldschampion suck69

    These look cool, If my wife hadn’t have got me the first Playstation Stereo Headset I would have gone for these.

  • zonalripper

    Well if yours “Accidently Break” then I would definitely consider these 🙂

  • http://www.jointreplacementsurgeryhospitalindia.com Ragini Sharma

    very nice features very good quality I will diffidently go for this product. Thanks for the post.

  • Paul Simmons

    Got these downloaded the app from a uk psn connected them up and the app kept saying connect your headphones I had please help or get Sony to put the app on uk site

    • http://www.tpsukpodcast.com/ The Playstation Show UK

      Hi Paul,

      I initially had this problem, i know it might seem a silly question but the headphones have to be connected via a charge cable directly to PS3, wireless connection will not find the headset.

      Let us know how you got on

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