Hitman GO was originally released on IOS, Windows Phone and Android by Square Enix as a Mobile Puzzler/Digital Boardgame based on the Hitman series of games back in 2014. It is finally now gracing the PlayStation 4 and Vita in a cross buy/ cross save format for £6.49 (€7.99)

Using a Checkers style of gameplay, you move your Hitman around a grid of predetermined routes as you evade, stalk and kill your way to your target.
Each level is set on a board game styled map, each with a simple yet well designed layout.

As with all Hitman games, as you make your way to your target, there are guards to avoid and/or take out along the way. Each enemy has a different look and a manner of movement just like chess pieces, Blue look in one direction without moving, Yellow walk along straight lines, Turquoise have knives and spin on the spot covering two directions, Green guards patrol set routes. As the levels progress the combination of these enemies and others become more complex making planning your route more difficult!
Thankfully there are ways to make things easier, standing on objects such as rocks and bottles give you the ability to cause a distraction in a nearby squares so you can slip past.
Even the weapons are there, collect a sniper rifle and take out that lone guard stood in-front of an exit, you can even use the iconic Silverballers.

Each puzzle has 3 objectives to complete, a combination of reach the exit/target, collect the briefcase, no kills, kill all and complete in X turns. While some can be done in one sitting, usually it will take two or three plays to collect them all.
As you progress even further you may find that you’ll be planning moves way in advance to try and dodge and kill the bad guys.

Being a Definitive Edition, this game comes with around 90 levels from the mobile game including the bonus chapters”St. Petersburg Stakeout” based on the famous Hitman 2: Silent Assassin level and “Curtains Down” from Hitman: Blood Money.
Even though it’s based on a mobile game, thankfully all in game purchases have been removed but Hints are readily available.
Note… Using Hints will stop you from earning Silent Assassin trophy.

One for the Trophy Hunters
platinum-trophy-ps3The game comes with a shiny Platinum, 9 Gold, 3 Silver and 4 Bronze. With a guide this could be completed in a day
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