Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition

I’m not a big RPG fan, but when offered the chance to review Divinity I figured I’d give it a go.

From the outset, you choose your two characters; customise their appearance, and more importantly their abilities and stats.  As a new player I selected to play on the easiest setting, and chose to have the in game tutorial active so I could pick up the controls and features as I went along.

I had read a trophy guide but this suggested 100+ hours to complete including playing through on the hardest mode, these factors combined with a few glitched trophies meant the platinum was unachievable so I put the guide aside and got on with the game.

The controls are fairly simple once you get used to them, left stick to move your character, right to spin the camera or zoom in and out.  I didn’t really see the need for zooming in so left it at its furthest view where I could see more of the map.  A nice feature is that when your characters walk behind something, it just disappears from view allowing you to still see what you are doing.  As I primarily play FPS games, I was annoyed at not being able to lower the camera and see further ahead.

Combat is turn based, which I really liked.  It allows you to plan your moves based on action points, and even save action points for the next turn to allow you to attack more or do a more complicated spell or skill.  Combat on easy mode is not overly difficult, but offers enough of a challenge so you need to think about what you’re doing.  Later on in the game the enemies were getting much tougher so offer more resistance.

As your characters level up, you can spend various skill points to allow them to do more things – such as lock-picking or pick-pocketing which helps you access various areas or increase your inventory.

I found after playing for a very short time I was hooked, and went into magpie mode collecting everything I could see in case it was useful later.  As you progress you can buy and steal better armour, weapons and spells, each with their own stat boosters and perks.

In addition to ranking up your characters, you can add two more fighters to your team, at various points throughout the game you can allow them to join you, and then you can rank them up as well and share gear with them.

The conversation with the other characters is quite funny at times, and as you work your way around the first town you pick up many more quests and missions.  Sometimes it is difficult to know where to go or what to do and you find yourself talking to everyone in the town in order to progress the story, but often if you read the log, you can work out where to go or who to see.

I have played all of it solo so far.  There is an option of couch co-op or online play but I haven’t tried either.  I could see this being fun for a couple of mates to play online.

Graphics are good, nothing special but everything is clean and clear and perfectly acceptable.

Overall, I really like this game.  I’ve probably put in 40-50 hours and I guess I’m only half way through it.  I’ve only earned 11 trophies but I still keep going back to it.

The only real drawback for me would be the price, at time of writing it’s £49.99 on the PSN store and £35 on Zavvi, I feel at £25-£30 this is a great game which will keep you busy for hours, at £50 it just doesn’t seem special enough.

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