Stories: The Path of Destinies is a dungeon crawler/action RPG style game, its hard to define Stories in just one genre due to its many aspects. You begin the game as Reynardo; a pirate fox with a mission to overthrow the oppressive space emperor with the help of the rouge alliance.

You begin the game with a set of choices, a mechanic that runs throughout the game. Your main aim is to stop the emperor, get the girl and survive to tell the tale. Getting there is a whole different story. You will come to realise that this is not as simple as it seems. Betrayal, corruption and stupidity are things Reynardo has to deal with as you play through the 26 different story lines. With well thought out characters you learn more and more about during each different ending. Picking different options earlier in the story will affect how one character reacts later on while making a seemingly irrelevant option earlier on can lead to the same character killing you at the end of the story.

The gameplay is very simple action/dungeon crawler game with RPG elements by upgrading your swords and your skills such as dashing through enemies and being able to slow down time for counter attacks, the combat is very varied and has lots of options and playstyles. With the added option of 3 equip able gems to add to your character at one time. With Gems that modify your loot drop, to gems that allow you to increase attack speed or break a shield on the first hit. Like me you may find yourself switching between the gems until you find what suits your play style best.

Graphically the game is vibrant and really stands out as a beautiful game, with a similar look to Bastian and Transistor, from the beautiful green lush environments to the cold dark pink and purple neon lights. Stories really is a beautiful game although I did notice minor glitches such as walking on thin air due to the textures not popping after taking a shortcut, this is solved by re entering the area, other problems are the lock on attack can sometimes drag Reynardo across the full screen and cause a minor lack in awareness of where you are which can ruin your combos. Voice acting within the game has varied characters and accents, mainly British. The narrator and characters have some excellent dialog and story telling with satire and comedy throughout. A few very nerdy easter eggs which if you get them really add a smile and an extra bit of meaning to your playthrough. With narration which is very self aware such as as you ride a floating platform through the sky the narrator says ‘They seem to have spent so much money creating floating platforms that they cant afford the build guard rails’ these are peppered throughout the game and just give an extra bit of character.

Stories the Path of Destinies is a great game, plenty of fun to be had and at an affordable price. Tens of hours of fun and gameplay for everyone to enjoy, plenty of replay value although after my 15th playthrough the game does begin to seem like a grind. Obviously this isn’t how the game will be played by 95% of people but for the trophy hunters out there its an easy platinum trophy but rather grindy. Bar the minor bugs, Stories : The Path of Destinies is a game you should definitely pick up if you’ve got a tenner laying around.

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