Beat em up. I’d rather be beat up.

Super Dungeon Bros sets you out on a path to travel through dungeons in a quest to basically get some new gear for your heroes.

Story wise the game starts promising with some beautiful animated cut scenes which could well be within a children’s cartoon unfortunately this is about as good as it gets.
You get to pick between 4 heroes to play as, all characters are pretty much the same except for a special attack although this is also pretty much the same just a different animation.
As one of your heroes you trawl through dungeons doing the same fights over and over, with enemies getting more and slightly more difficult. The boss fights at the end of the level are different with
new mechanics but after one or two these are pretty similar.
Comparing this to other beat em ups you can also upgrade weapons and get new perks but these don’t really change the game and are not really needed, whilst upgrading my weapons I didn’t really feel any difference after upgrading which isn’t really a good sign.

The graphics within the game are fun and colourful although the dungeons all seem very similar with dark colours and you would be excused if you didn’t understand where one level ended and the next began,
as the only way to really know are the changing in enemies. Even when i beat the first boss fight which involves having to throw bombs at him as soon as i began the next level it could easily be mistaken for the same level.

My main issues with this game are the load times. With times between levels and loading the first mission took between 20 seconds and the first level took over a minute of a loading screen. I played Bloodborne last year that had a 40 second load screen,
that game also had marvellously beautiful textures and character models whereas this could easily be mistaken for a last generation console game.
I played the game for 4 hours in total which as a download game I feel i got enough time into the game and felt like I was in a slog to get further in the game and i didn’t enjoy it especially for the price the developers have set out.
The daily challenges might add a bit of a challenge unfortunately I cant see these being popular for a long time as i expect this multiplayer for this game to die out pretty fast.

The only saving grace this game has is multiplayer, I tried to play online multiple times and either the servers are down or no one is playing as i couldn’t even find one other person. Although after asking my girlfriend for a good 30 minutes we played together coop for 45 minutes and we both had a good time
throwing each other off cliffs and into traps then activating them was a good laugh, although
not enough to warrant her wanting to play anymore as her idea of the game was ‘its alright’ which is what i felt about this game.

Super Dungeon Bros is not the sort of game you’re going to get lost in, lose countless hours or keep coming back to, but if you and your partner or your children want to have some harmless fun without too much to think about then this could be a good game for you.
Easy game mechanics, funny characters and a children’s TV show feel in cut scenes. Maybe wait for a price cut or a sale before purchasing this.


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