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Developed by: Mixedbag
Published by: Mixedbag
Platform: PS4, PS Vita
Price: £7.99, (£6.39 with 20% PS+ discount) (cross-buy)


Futuridium is a retro looking space shooter, reminding me more of the classic Starfox game from the SNES era, with crisp, colourful graphics running at a smooth 60 fps, with a little bit of Zaxxon running in there for us older gamers, which was a classic, isometric arcade shooter from SEGA way back in 1982, which co-founder Mauro Fanelli said recently on a Q and A on the Playstation Blog was an influence in Mauro and fellow co-founder of Mixedbag, Andrea Gellato, in making Futuridium and it shows in a very good way.


So the story goes that you play as a pilot, along with the rest of your fleet, to fight against the Nemesian armada, when suddenly your sucked into a dimensional portal, and when regaining consciousness, find yourself stuck in a time loop with a vast amount of the Nemesian capital ships with fuel running low, and this is where we find out the basis of the game-play.

So with each level you need to destroy a number a glowing blue blocks dotted around each ship starting at one end, and then finding any blue blocks you may have missed are attainable by the magic of the 180’ turn button on square, with shooting handled with X, and boost on the triggers either R1 or R2 which ever feels most comfortable for you, but keep an eye on that fuel gauge, otherwise its game over, and crashing resulting in you having to start from the beginning, although any blue blocks you have got remain that way.

Sounds simple enough, and is initially, but soon the levels start getting harder definitely giving the player a good challenge, where with practice you’ll soon be getting better, and each blue block you destroy going towards unlocking extras in the game, such as new skins or modes, and once you think you’ve mastered a level, the boost button comes into its own with a score chase already going on, amongst the world, and your friends, come at me, I need a challenge, and the openness to how you wish to attain your highest score possible is up to you, with you being able to pretty much tackle the levels how you want, finding the quickest path.


The music by Luca Gasperoni is superb also, suiting the game down to a tee, with its dance music style going along nicely to those just chilling out to the story part, with some tracks helping those score chasers out there a sense of speed to proceedings, hell if you like it’s so much the sound track is even available on PS Vita for £4.99 to listen to on the go, and I’ve had it playing the whole time writing this review, with left and right on the D pad acting as a skip option to find your favourite track to score chase too.

A few downers for me though have been maybe a quick look back button before I 180’ towards the next set of blue blocks, so I could line myself up better, sometimes I would 180’ and miss the first blue block, or crash straight into it, and the graphics aren’t mind blowing like some recent space type game that’s been doing the rounds lately, but for me personally they suit the game perfectly, and the Y axis should always start inverted, but that’s quickly remedied in the options menu.


So Futuridium is a great game for those wanting some quick space shootery action, even over a couple of hours, with its 50 levels, or for those wanting to beat their friends scores in a quick 10 minute burst, while no cross save, scores attained on both PS4 and PS Vita both going to, you could say, cross leader boards.


Hello fellow gamers, I'm DsonicX, Newest member of the TpSUK crew, although i've been living in the live chat for year now. I love an assortment of games from Far Cry , to Destiny, to smaller stuff like OlliOlli and NIDHOGG!!! But my Fav game of all time has to be probably my gaming darling Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I was born with a controller in my hand and will be gaming till I die.

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