Zombie Army Trilogy
Format: PS4
Publisher: Rebellion
Developer: Rebellion


Zombie Army Trilogy doesn’t mess around – the game does exactly what it says on the tin. A co op based wave survival game. You make your way to checkpoint after checkpoint fighting off endless waves of Zombies, Skeletons and Elites. The games set in an alternative version of World War 2 where, as a last resort, Adolf Hitler has launched Weapon Z – a weapon which raises the dead and transforms all the Nazis into Zombie Nazis (A+ for originality).

The game brings with it the tight gameplay and controls of the Sniper Elite Series – this includes Rebellion Development’s show piece, the X-ray bullet camera, which give you that extra feeling of satisfaction when you make that near perfect sniper shot. Honestly nothing feels better than popping off a Zombie head from 100 metres or tossing a grenade to see a group of 20 zombies obliterated in the explosion. This is what Zombie Army Trilogy does better than any other game so far this year – its not flashy or ground breaking but my god, it sure is fun.

The core of the game spreads out over three campaigns – all consisting of five missions which on average last just over an hour each. You form one part of a four person squad whose mission is to stop the Zombie invasion and bring to an end World War two – its simple, but it works. There’s a wide range of primary, secondary and auxiliary weapons to choose from – although you would be stupid to roll with anything else apart from the Shotgun and Webley Revolver to compliment your Sniper Rifle. The most surprising aspect of this game, for me, was the sound design – the sense of fear and damning atmosphere is vastly magnified by the superb musical score alongside the sound effects of guns, bullets penetrating flesh and the groans and moans of Zombies, all of which add to a brilliant design. Zombie Army Trilogy is a superb example of how music can make a relatively bland game have a sense of intense suspense and fear.

Although the game is great fun it does quite often feel repetitive, as expected with a survival / horde   mode game. What doesn’t help the repetitive nature is the lack of environments and Enemy types. All too  often the game feels very samey and none of the missions stand out as ones I want to jump back into. That’s not to say I wont jump back in to it, I’m just saying there were no stand out moments.

This game isn’t in the running for original game of the year, its not new, innovative or different in anyway to games that you have previously experienced. What it is though is mindless fun – something which a lot of games have lost behind their overly complicated stories, characters and game design. This game is a blast for an hour or two with friends and for the price, its certainly worth a go.

One final comment for all you Trophy whores, the Platinum trophy is currently unobtainable due to a glitch with one of the collectables – apart from that the trophy list is plain sailing.

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