Platform: PS4
Release date: February 10th 2015.
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios.
Publisher: 2K Games.


So here we are again, another world famous TBD review, this time reviewing Evolve from some of the guys that gave us the critically and commercially acclaimed Left 4 Dead series.
So what have they given us this time? Sticking with a theme that they obviously succeeded with previously we have a 4 player co-op (vs 1) 1st person shooter (hunters) / 3rd person brawler (monster). This is quite a hard game to review because we have 2 completely different styles of gameplay here depending on whether you are the hunters or the monster so I will skip over that for the moment and take the easier way out and talk about the graphics.

The graphics are good, not amazing but good and add to the game in a nice way, giving the game a real atmosphere of alien worlds. There is a fair amount of destruction in the levels but not to the level of a seasoned battlefield fan. The colour palette can feel a little dark at times and does not differentiate maps greatly but does the job perfectly well any way.

The audio is a real stand out for myself from the primevil growls and grunts of the monsters to the hefty sounds of the guns, again also enhancing the atmosphere and another plus point.

The maps of each level are generally a fair to large size and this is where some of the problems start showing. With no clear mini map or radar you have to look for clues throughout the level as to where the monster is like circling birds or footprints etc. This is a nice idea but in practice I found myself wandering around without any real idea where I was supposed to be heading.

The game play is very solid and is ok when you are playing solo with randoms, but this game was designed to be played either with people you know or people that are communicating and unfortunately this just does not seem to happen. Incan imagine this game being a great laugh with a few mates but having only played it with randoms and AI it has left a bitter disappointment with me.


When playing as a hunter you are in 1st person shooter mode with each character representing a class is medic who can heal team mates, or trapper who can unsurprisingly set traps for the monster. Your job as a hunter is to destroy the monster (depending on the game mode with some needing you to destroy monster eggs and escort scientists) before the monster can level themselves up to level 3 (by eating other wildlife around) which is a real challenge when people are not talking or working together. Also the monster seems to be a shit brick house and you will be pumping round after round into the monster without seeming to do any decent amount of damage. Not only having to contend with the monster some of the wildlife including plants will attack you too making your job that much harder.

When playing the monster you have to destroy the base or kill all the hunters before they respawn (the trick with that is get rid of the medic first). You can only destroy the base once you have reached level 3.

The controls for the game are tight and quite intuitive.

I really wanted to love this game, but unfortunately it just did not do enough to keep me entertained, maybe with a few friends I would have a different opinion but unfortunately that is not the case.
This is a game that you will play for a few rounds and enjoy but unless you are playing with friends you will get bored of pretty quickly.


Gamer for life, from Bognor Regis, started gaming way back on the Spectrum and now a true PlayStation fan boy.

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