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Tropico 5 Review

Developer : Haermimont Games
Release Date: 24th April 2015
Reviewed by: Tom Tidswell (Tidders93) on PS4

At its heart Tropico 5 is a world building simulator with ideas taken from games  such as Sim City 2000 and many others .

The Tropico series has the same  premise as other city building games, which is to create a successful landscape  which non playable characters can live in and then to manage whatever  problems the game throws at you.
Tropico however offers something different,  you, El Presedente are the leader of a small colony on a desert island and your  mission is to become your own country with your own rules which you can set to  whatever you seem fit whether you are a fair leader or a ruthless dictator whom  kills anyone who opposes you.

El Presedente!

Before doing anything though you must first Create your Dictator… I mean  leader to rule the peasants… I mean people of your glorious land. It would have  been nice to have more creation tools/choices of clothing, yet you will spend  hardly any time looking at your character.

Tropico 5 has a varied choice of game modes, the usual Story mode which puts  you in charge of an Island as the Governor of a small colony owned by ‘The  Crown’ it never actually states who they are but by the characters British accent  its not hard to guess. As your time as Governor you are requested to fulfil  requests of The Crown which range from exporting a certain amount of goods  such as milk and wool each which extend the time you are in charge for.

Achieving over a 50% popularity rating before your time as Governor expires  means you can claim your independence. This is split into 4 Eras, The Colonial  Era, World Wars, Cold War and Modern Times. Claiming independence will put  you into the World Wars and various other tasks such as researching  technologies and building certain buildings will progress you into the other eras.

I wont spoil any more but each era comes with its own challenges and another  thing to worry about and more materials to import and export.

Working through the story mode will give you challenges to complete test how  well you can manage your time and money within the game. Keeping the rebels  happy may stop them attacking you from within but by doing that you may start  a nuclear war with the USA. Keeping everyone happy is an impossible task but  something you will always be trying to achieve. The first few story missions are  basically just a tutorial for you to get to grips with how the game works which is  okay but can get repetitive when you have to claim independence every time.

Further on the campaign the game offers many other things to explore and do.

What else is there to do? Well… Multiplayer mode is present within the game,  with the option of two players creating a colony on the same island. I wont go  into much detail as when playing this I only managed to get into one random  on-line game and whilst building and creating a city to share was quite fun it  didn’t really add much to the experience and wouldn’t really play it again. I only  found myself loading multiplayer up to get the trophies that I needed out of it. I  found myself playing Sandbox time most of the time, it does exactly what it says  on the tin. You pick your island, either from a list of Spanish sounding island  names or pick a random generated island. Pick the options you want such as how  easy the economy is and how hard the political landscape is to how often  disasters happen and how much money you want (UNLIMITED). Pick the Era you  want to start at and off you go.


The game is beautiful, colourful and bright. Zooming away from the island to see  the grass on the mountains and the whole city or getting close up of your sugar  plantation next to your space program, everything looks sharp and detailed and I  spent hours just moving around the island trying to build more homes and then  having to build entertainment, food and police stations in that area to make the  new residents happy. You soon find your Island jam packed. One problem I do  have with the game though is the music. Repetitive guitar/Mexican music isn’t so  bad during the game but when you hit the pause menu you want to hit your TV  speakers as well, just the loud Mexican/tropical music with nothing else.

All in all Tropico 5 is a great game, with a hell of a lot to do, from challenges and  campaign missions to sandbox and multiplayer. You really could play this game  for weeks. The game looks gorgeous and feels great to play with no obvious bugs  or issues I have encountered. Apart from the annoying music and the lacklustre  multiplayer It’s a good game to sink your teeth into. For anyone who loves  trophies as much as I do its also a relatively easy list to complete.


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