With the PSN choc-a-block with platformers does this latest entry from La Cosa Entertainment rise to the top or does it drown along with the many others that have tried…

Generally it’s OK for a Puzzle Platformer not to have story line as long as the puzzles are just right, not too frustratingly hard and not too easy either and I admit when i started Klaus my initial 10 minutes of game play I was already thinking that this is just another generic platformer.

However after a few more hours of game-play I came to realize that I was still playing the game because of the story, the story that just crept up on me and got me hooked.
Unlike other platformers where you make your way through the levels to the next puzzle that will have you scratching your head for a few minutes and just when you’re going to give up you solve it, giving you a massive sense of achievement and then move onto the next.
Klaus, Intentionally or not, has you completing puzzles in the hope that you find answers to the questions that the story has you asking, Who is Klaus? and why did he wake up in this basement.

As you make your way through the game, multiple abilities are introduced along with another playable character, K1.
Where Klaus, if you like, is the brains, think of K1 as the brawn. This switch in character not only changes how you solve puzzles but also changes the pace to the game.
Use of the touch-pad to solve your puzzles is a little fiddly at first but it soon becomes 2nd nature.

The game starts out simple, but the developers have done an amazing job with the learning curve and cleverly stop the game feeling stale right up to the end with some twists along the way [no spoilers]

There are collectibles along your way, in the form of ‘Hidden Memories’ – But these in themselves can be a challenge as it requires you to complete a harder ‘difficult stage’ but again the reward giving you a little bit more of the story to wet your appetite is worth it.

On the downside the platforming mechanics can sometimes feel clunky or unnecessary but thankfully these are few and far between.

Overall Klaus was a pleasant surprise with a decent, if somewhat unexpected, Story Line.
Puzzles are decent enough to get your teeth into with a steady learning curve.
La Cosa Entertainment have done a great job here, adding Klaus to the list of platformers you need to play.



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