MotorStorm RC Review

MotorStorm RC review for the PS3/Vita

by Lee Taylor (aka THE-BIG-DON)


This is my review for the downloadable game MotorStorm RC, available on the PSN/SEN for a pocket money price of £4.79.

The game is for both the PS3 and the PS Vita, you only need to buy the game once to have access to it for both systems.

Although low priced games can sometimes sound like a too good to be true bargain that end up making you wish that you had never seen those awful blocky low res textures, this can not be said for MotorStorm RC.

If you are older enough to remember the classic video game of Micro Machines and enjoyed playing it you should feel right at home here, those of you who are too young for that trust me when I say it was freaking AWESOME! The basic premise of MSRC is that you race miniature RC (remote control) versions of all the classic vehicles from the previous MotorStorm games (buggy, big rig, rally car, supermini, monster truck, muscle car, racing truck and super car). There are four types of events, Race: standard finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd (7 AI racers plus you), Hot lap: a sort of time trial to beat the 3 lap times set, Pursuit: overtake a set number of vehicles in set time and Drift: score the set amount of drift points (by drifting) in a set time. On top of this there is a local multiplayer where you and up to three other friends can compete in split screen matches and normal time attack where you can hone your skills to shave milli seconds of your best times.

Then there is the Pitwall, this is a wall of all your friends times that you have beaten or they have beaten you. If they have beaten you, you can just click on that event from here and go straight back to it to try and better there result, and I have to say it becomes quite addictive trying to keep on top of your friends scores for bragging rights (at the time of writing this I was dominating!).


Onto the meat of the issue then how does it play? Really really well is the easiest and most honest answer but I’m guessing you want a bit more detail. The view of the races’ is from a cross between top down and isometric view, which works really well as you can see enough of the track to work out where you are going all of the time. All the eight different types of vehicle handle there own way and you get a real feel for each of the vehicles. The races start out at I would say easy to middling range but soon grow to be a pad throwing, tantrum chucking, “waaaing” race where you just don’t seem to be able to shave that 0.012 seconds to earn the final medal.

This may sound like a negative but it actually is not, much like some of the best games of all time it’s a case of easy to learn but hard to master, but once you do shave that time you will feel so pleased with yourself that you will want to brag about. Well lucky the developers have thought of this and have included the ability to post your times to Facebook or send it to someone on your friends list. Now I mentioned medals early and this is basically your goal of the game, the races are split into 4 different festivals based around the previous games (MotorStorm, MS: Pacific Rift, MS: Artic Edge (psp) and MS Apocalypse) each with 12 races, each race has a bronze, silver and gold medal, so there are 144 medals to earn, whilst earning medals you unlock new vehicles and tracks.


All the tracks and visuals have been beautifully made and there is some great touches with mud flying, cow hot air balloons and other little treats.

The audio for the game is my only gripe and it my be a personal thing, but there is too much dubstep like tunes being played but again like I say that is my opinion.


Closing Comments:

If you enjoy any form of arcadey racers you will not be upset with this game, this game is not only a stupidly addictive pick up and play for five minutes but I’m still here two hours later game but it also proves that we have great UK games developers and cheap is not always the dirty word we think it is, trust me when I say you need this game in your download list!<br />


9.0 out of 10.


<br />

Review wrote by Lee Taylor on the 24th Febuary 2012.


Gamer for life, from Bognor Regis, started gaming way back on the Spectrum and now a true PlayStation fan boy.

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