Mantis Burn Racing – Review

The PlayStation Show UK loves a good racer, especially a racer that brings out a concentration level you haven’t used since the last time you tried enter the key in the front door after a night out on the beer, so does Mantis Burn Racing live up to our needs.


From the Developers/Publishers Voofoo studios, the minds behind Pure Pool & Hustle Kings, comes Mantis Burn Racing.
A top down isometric racer (Think more Motorstorm RC then Micro Machines but with similarities to both).
Now it’s been a while since we have had a fun little racer like this, last one to mind would be Table Top Racing: World Tour which PlayStation plus users got for free back in May this year.
Unlike table top racing, Mantis Burn Racing is pure racing, no power ups or weapons just your driving skills required here.

The game boasts an extensive Career mode plus Local & Online Multiplayer.
The career mode has you starting out on season 1 of 3 of the Rookie Seasons, where you till take on a variety of races to win Gears which when you have collected enough will unlock the next season.
Once you have completed rookie seasons you then move on to Pro Seasons which also has 3 seasons too complete and then onto the final Veteran season.

Race modes consist of:
Race – Be the first to cross the finish line over 3 laps
Sprint – Similar to Race but shorter distance and over 2 laps
Time Trial – You’re up against the clock to land a place in 1st, 2nd or 3rd
League Races – can consist of either 2 or 3 races back to back
Accumulator – where skill earns you points and first to 10K wins
Knockout – Last place is knocked out after each lap, Last man standing wins

Each race is either locked to a specific car type or you are able to pick between them, while on Rookie levels you can only pick Rookie Class cars, your choices then consist on Light Weight, Medium Weight or Heavy Weight, each coming with their own pros and cons, for example the light Weight cars have greater acceleration but are not strong enough to break through shortcut barriers.

The upgrades system in Mantis Burn Racing works really well, as you level up this unlocks upgrade parts which you can also get as you complete certain races.
These parts can be applied to any vehicle in your garage, all cars start off with the ability to add 3 upgrade parts, you can then pay to upgrade this which then allows 6 upgrade parts and so on.

Visually the game is very pleasing to the eye and some use of great camera effects to make it stand out from previous games in this genre.
The audio is also fitting to the game style and does a nice job of not being too distracting and you fling your car around the track.

There is plenty of courses and reiterations of the same courses with some of this courses having shortcuts available to make use of, the only thing I will say is that sometimes in can feel like you have been on the same track for a while.

The cars are perfectly controlled where you can feel the difference between mud and tarmac on the tracks, the game play is generally fast and frantic and most importantly…fun

Local multiplayer is an 8 player race which allows up to 3 of your friends to join you and 4 AI players to battle it out to be the first to cross the line .
Online multiplayer allows you to either join/create public lobbies or host a private race and consists of a straight forward, up to 8 players, race.

The game consists of 44 trophies (31 Bronze, 9 Silver, 3 Gold, 1 Platinum)
Varying between skills based trophies, level based trophies and Season based
The Platinum trophy seems fairly straight forward just time consuming making your way through career mode

When PS4 Pro hits the shelfs on 10th November, Mantis Burn Racing will fully support Native 4K with 60 FPS, to add that little bit dazzle to an already good looking game

Mantis Burn Racing is super fun in medium sessions, the career mode can seem monotonous at times but there is plenty to get your teeth into and Voofoo do well of trying to mix this up, the visuals are sublime and audio fits the frantic fast pace mood.

Voofoo have made a great game that we highly recommend to all the petrol heads out there as a must buy.

Developers: Voofoo Studios
Publishers: Voofoo Studios
Price (at time of review): £12.99


Long time gamer starting with the likes of C64, Owned every Playstation console to date. Host/Editor of the Podcast and Editor of the website and self confessed Trophy Whore

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