Little Adventures On The Prairie [Review][PS4/Vita]

Date: 10/03/2018
Reviewed by THE-BIG-DON
Cost: £1.29 on PS4, £1.49 on PsVITA
Developer: Infinite Madaa

So where to start with this game. Its tough to choose just what is the worst thing about it, so rather than choose I am going to write a damn honest review, please read to the end as there will be a massive caveat!So at its base this is a side’s rolling platform hack n slash, but to be honest that is probably too generous, indicating that their would be some story and level design. We’ll no there is neither of these things, don’t know why but you are an anime looking blue haired dude with a sword, you only really ever have the option of traversing right.

The levels consist of heading right and then it gets exciting as there will either be an enemy to kill or a gap to jump. Fortunately holding right actually makes you travel right and the jump button (although a little floaty) does make you jump, so travelling and traversing gaps sorted.

Now combat, within some levels there are some pick ups, (don’t worry its nearly impossible to miss them), that will in theory make your attacks stronger and your defence stronger, to be honest I didn’t notice either change. Now fighting is done with a single button slashing your sword. The combat is a huge problem, it’s not that it’s hard, it’s that the hit detection is so off that it just doesn’t work, at least how it’s supposed too.
So combat ends up being about either moving right up to the enemy in a small area that they can’t reach you, but you can reach them or jumping onto the head (about nose height) and slashing as again the enemy can’t hit you but you can hit them. Now that seems unfair on the enemy, but don’t worry your health depletes for no apparent reason at random times. It’s not a hard game, but can be frustrating at times, but to be fair the game isn’t really long enough to annoy you to a huge extent, as it clocks in at an easily sub 40 minutes to complete and get a shiny platinum trophy, and here in lies that caveat. This game for under the price of a pint has a damn platinum, not only a platinum but a easy and quick one so, I have 2 review scores, one for gamers and one for true trophy whore.

Gamers score:                        0.5 / 10
Trophy whore score:            9.5/ 10

Ive been THE-BIG-DON, peace out.The-Big-Don


Gamer for life, from Bognor Regis, started gaming way back on the Spectrum and now a true PlayStation fan boy.

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