Detroit Become Human PS4 Review By THE-BIG-DON


Date: 03/12/2018.
Reviewed by THE-BIG-DON.
Cost: £52.99 (Playstation Store).
Developer: Quantic Dream.

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment.


This is another game from director David cage, having given us 2 fantastic exclusives on the Playstation 3, with Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, both also getting the remaster treatment for Playstation 4. If you have played the previous 2 games (not needed at all, but both great games) you will be familiar withe the game style. This game (and the previous 2) act like an interactive movie whereby your choices will have a significant effect on outcomes and who may or may not survive. This game does not have you doing too many finger gymnastics on your controller but you certainly won’t be a passive passenger along for the ride.



The game is a story focusing on 3 androids, and how they become ‘deviant’. Deviancy within the concept of this game is about the androids in question having corrupted software and becoming self aware. The 3 androids are: Kara, a home help / maid android, there to help around the house and look after little ones. Markus, another home help, who in this role is helping an elderly gentleman. And finally Connor who is a prototype android sent to help the police investigating the increasing amount of deviant androids.

Kara goes throughout the game dedicated to looking after and caring for a little girl named Alice, her story is a mission for her to reach Canada (where there are no android laws). Hers is a story about breaking the android programming and at its base level wanting to be a mum/ have a family with quite a few morale choices throughout her adventure.

Markus is a home help android for an elderly man named Carl. Carl (human) is also trying to teach Markus to think for himself. Things come to a head and Markus breaks his programming and is on the search for Jericho.

Connor is a sent to assist Hank (human) in the  increasing amount of androids becoming deviant, with some of those committing homicide and other crimes.

I  won’t go into the stories too much as a) these can depend on how you play it and b) I don’t want to spoil it too much. I will say that the story feels like it is touching on atrocities of the past including racial hatred. I found the story engrossing and compelling, those that listen to our podcast know that I ‘Don’ so many games (see start and never finish). But this story really pulled me in and I loved it from start to finish.



The graphics are outstanding and are probably some of the best I’ve seen on the Playstation 4 to date. The acting, as everything was motion captured, and voice work is amazing. The game runs for around 8-10 hours on a play through with lots of replay ability to see what would happen with different choices and obviously to get that shiny platinum trophy.



The controls are pretty standard with a fair few QTE’s  thrown in, nothing is to hard to do, but when you are in a fight scene the button prompts onscreen sort of shake and look frantic which I think adds to the emergency of the situation at hand. The camera can sometimes be unhelpful at times but I think it is like that to add the cinematic feel to the game.



After each chapter (there are 32 in total) you are presented with a flow chart to show which decisions and paths you took, with the flowchart you can also see percentage wise what the rest of the world choose as well as your PSN friends. This adds an interesting dynamic to see if you are on the same wave length as everybody else. Also at this end of chapter screen you are awarded points based on your choices. These points can be used to unlock songs from the soundtrack, art from the game, some cool videos and also some 3d dioramas of the characters within the game in different outfits.



Overall I loved this game from start to finish so much so that Detroit Become Human is THE-BIG-DON’s Game of 2018, the game is perfectly balanced length of time with great extras and a fantastic amount of replay ability. The graphics and acting are some of the best I’ve seen in video games and the pacing of the game is good.


Score: 9/10




Gamer for life, from Bognor Regis, started gaming way back on the Spectrum and now a true PlayStation fan boy.

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