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Published 17 November, 2012

Battlefield 3 review for the PS3

by Lee Taylor (aka THE-BIG-DON)


Ok so lets get the obvious part of this review out of the way, there are two big guns (pun intended) of the first person shooter world that most people sit in one camp or the other, the Call of Duty camp and the Battlefield camp. Both series have released there latest games to there respective series in 2011 withe Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. Now the question is which one should I buy? This comes down to personal choice and game playing style, if you want close combat twitch reaction small arenas then by default Call of Duty should be your choice, if however you prefer a more team based, larger arenas and vehicle based combat your choice should be Battlefield 3. With that overview of the two multiplayers out the way lets get onto the meat of the review.



If your a Battlefield veteran the first thing you will notice is the jump in the quality of graphics between Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, with Dice using there brand new Frostbite 2 engine they have not just made everything look sharper and prettier they have managed to add the touches to the game that makes it that much more immersive, such as particle effects so that when you throw a grenade or shoot the ground there will be dust and debris kicked up, they have also seem to have found the light flare button, which in my opinion has been slightly over used, so when you turn and end up looking towards a light source like the sun or street lights you get a glare as if you were shooting with a video camera, now don’t get me wrong it is a nice touch and works well but I do feel sometimes it has been put in just to say look what we can do. As ever within the Battlefield series the audio for the game is like an orgasm for your listening pleasure, with the guns all seemingly to have there own distinct sounds and these sounds changing depending on what environment your in ie in a garage the sound will have a slight echo highlighting the acoustic environment.



Battlefield is a series not known for its strong story telling and the Bad Company series did an ok job of telling one but its never been a strong point, so enter Battlefield 3 the first game in the traditional Battlefield series to add a single player story.¬† Without giving any spoilers away the campaign starts really strong with a great level set on a subway, and keeps the action moving along nicely with a couple of on the rails vehicle sections, the Jet level is certainly a stand out level at least the build up for that level is and almost manages to make you feel like you belong in the film Top Gun (if you haven’t seen it stop reading and watch it now). The campaign it self is average to good and does have some stand out moments but really its just a checklist of FPS cliches. But on the plus side the dreaded “respawning enemies” seem to have been kept to a minimum or at least not as noticeable as some other games, and the campaign seems to move along at a nice rate, but its not why most people will be buying it so lets move to the important part, multiplayer.



It’s awesome, nuff said, oh what you want some details? Ok then, anyone thats played a Battlefield game should be familiar with the modes available, these are:<br />

Rush: this mode sees you and your team either defending or attacking an MCOM station, the defenders job is to deplete all of the attackers “tickets” which is how many attackers/ respawns the team have before that team loses, done by killing the other team. The attackers job is to plant an explosive on the MCOM stations before losing all there “tickets” if the attackers manage to take both MCOM stations of that area the “tickets” are reset and the base moves up to the next area with two new MCOM stations.<br />

Squad Rush: Which is basically the same as Rush but is limited to two squads (up to eight players, 4 per squad) but on a smaller scale and can be a lot quicker than a normal Rush game.

Conquest: This mode both teams have a set number of “tickets” these are depleted by the other team when they own the majority of the bases at which point the kills they gain will start depleting the other teams “tickets”. Bases are put all along the map three to four locations and the aim is to hold as many bases as possible.<br />

Team Deathmatch: This is your standard kill the other team as many times as possible match with no objectives within this mode.<br />

Squad Deathmatch: The same as Team Deathmatch but on shrunk down maps and with up to four different teams of up to four players.<br />

The multiplayer rewards the players who play as a team, with the support class laying down ammo for his/her fellow team mates and gaining points from anyone receiving ammo. Assault being able to leave a medi pack to regenerate team mates health as well as carrying a defibrillator to bring a fallen team mate back to life (within a finite amount of time) which also cancels out the “ticket” that team lost for him/her dying. The recon tends to be your lone wolf at the back pulling off same crazy long kills (mine sits at 546meters ;-)) but once leveled up can equip a Mavi which can scout the battlefield and highlight all the enemies on the battlefield, if your skilled with it you can also rack up a few kills by ramming it into enemies. Then there is the engineer class that can both repair team mates vehicles with his repair tool and destroy enemy vehicles with his anti vehicle equipment like RPG’s and anti tank mines.<br />

The multiplayer is definitely my preferred choice of multiplayer, I love the way that when your all working well within a squad you can turn a game round it highlights the need for team play. Also for someone that becomes distracted easily just running around with tanks blowing up jets flying over head jeeps doing jumps that should be in something like Sega Rally and base jumping it keeps me coming back for more on an almost daily basis.



I haven’t reviewed the Co-Op within this game because I have not been able to get in a game with a friend, but Dice are said to be working on a patch to resolve this. But my conclusion on this game is it is a must purchase for any fan of first person shooters, yes it does have a few issues within the game, the squading up system is not perfect at the moment but again there is a incoming patch, but nothing beats playing this with a few mates on the multiplayer even if you end up on the opposite sides it becomes a game of grabbing your friends dog tags before they get yours, the single player is definitely worth a play through even though it doesn’t do anything to innovate its still good fun, with that said I will see you on the Battlefield Hu raa.


8.5 out of 10.

Review wrote by Lee Taylor on the 23rd November 2011.

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