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Published 21 February, 2013

The-Big-Don & ZonalRipper have put together a podcast with their first impressions, which you can listen to below or via iTunes


The PlayStation meeting just happened and despite Sony never confirming what the event was about, the general census was that this was going to be the PS4 announcement.

Well last night Sony confirmed it and revealed to the world the PlayStation 4.

Leading up to the event we started to see leaks and rumours so after the 2 hour announcement what do we know, what was true and what didn’t we see….

Firstly let’s get one of the main disappointments out of the way, Despite the PS4 being announced and getting us all excited, throughout the entire 2 conference we do not see a PS4.
It was the PS4 reveal without the PS4

However fear not about the bombshell above as we did learn what Sony has planned for the PS4 and damn has it got us excited.

So let’s start with the technical specs of the PlayStation 4.

  • Supercharged PC Architecture
  • X86 CPU
  • Enhanced PC GPU
  • 8gb GDDR5 System Memory
  • Internal Storage (Options Unknown)
  • Dedicated Background Chip

Despite not seeing the PS4 we did get to see the Dual Shock 4 Controller and it lived up to the leaked photo’s we saw last week.

  • Light Bar – From what Sony described this is to show help know who is what player number, but also allows the new Stereo camera peripheral to pick up your movement
  • Touch Pad – Where the Start & Select once were is now a touchpad, unfortunately though not much was given away on its usage.
  • Share Button – More detail below, but appears this gives you the option to share your media amongst friends.

Also as suspected Gaikai is a fundamental part of PS4 and has been fully integrated into the PlayStation Store, but what are us as gamers set to benefit from this service.

  • Full game trials of every game – No longer will we have a demo here and there, this will allow us to try any game title before buying.
  • Spectate Mode – Thanks to that dedicated Background processor it allows friends to watch and comment on you live streaming your gameplay and also….
  • Remote Control/Assistance – Not only can your friends watch and guide you, but if you allow they can actually take control of your game

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  • Video/Picture Sharing – There was a big social media feel to the PS4, one of the cooler features is that the PS4 will be constantly recording your gameplay and at any time you can push the share button on the new controller, edit and post your video clip.

There was a lot of time spent last night on the plethora of games that were shown, below is some of the games we got to see.

    • Knack (Sony Japan)

    • Killzone: Shadow Fall (Guerrilla Games)

    • Drive Club (Evolution Studios)

    • Infamous: Second Son (Sucker Punch)

    • Watchdogs (Ubisoft)


Other games confirmed:

  • The Witness
  • Beyond – Two Souls
  • Deep Down
  • Destiny
  • Diablo 3

Overall the event got us excited for the PS4 and we all be buying day 1 – there was some things we would like to of seen, PS4 looks, Pricing, User Interface, but no doubt we will be drip fed with this information of the lead up to the announced Christmas 2013 release.

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