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Published 18 December, 2013

Episode 107 of The Playstation Show UK, This is our festive episode, which could possibly be called the Beep episode as you will be hearing a lot of beeps, We play some of the best music you are ever likely to hear, contact us if you want these awesome tunes in your collection, apart from the normal abuse towards each other, we discuss games, upcoming games and gaming news take a listen….


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Comments on 107 TPSUK: On The Naughty List

  • Darklurkr23

    why didn’t anyone say you can download psplus free ps4 games on sony site. I missed contrast damn! Least i got resogun and dontstarve.
    I hope my brother picked it up on his plus, but he like never downloads any of the free games i always gotta do it.

    • ZonalRipper

      Think Sony are keeping it Secret 🙂
      I download all Free PS3, PS4 and Vita stuff, even if i will never play it, as it’s FWEEEEEEE!

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