What do you guys think?!?

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With the 20th of February within touching distance, and excitement starting to reach fever pitch with all us Playstation fans.

What do you think we will see?


I think we are all expecting an announcement of PS4 and I think its a given, But what else will we see?

I have a few thoughts:


I think at least on a sizzle reel we will see Killzone 4, Gran Turismo 6, Some form of Singstar, LittleBigPlanet 3, Wipeout, Motostorm, Dust 514, FIFA and Madden.



It would be a massive coup if Playstation manage to get the first gameplay of the next COD but I think thats not likely other outside bets would be the next Metal Gear Solid, Uncharted 4 and a new Resistance.


Let us know what you guys think and want in the comments


Gamer for life, from Bognor Regis, started gaming way back on the Spectrum and now a true PlayStation fan boy.

Comments on What do you guys think?!?

  • XMBeaner

    I hope that you are wrong on everything here. If all they show is more games I’ve already played it will be the biggest disappointment in gaming history. If I wanted to play PS3 games I would play PS3 games. New console, new ideas, new games or this will be a joke.

  • DsonicX

    Fuck cod I’d quite literally piss my pants with excitement if we see battlefield 4 running on playstation 4 🙂 giddidy

  • Dodge

    I’m hoping ps4 with uncharted 4 as a launch title… But to just announce games would be a disaster, lets have backwards compatability for ps3 games please sony

  • http://twitter.com/Stellaking_Si Stellaking (@Stellaking_Si)

    I had a question… but I forgot it (something about media streaming). As a Yorkshire man (thus northerner) I’d be interested to see if price points get a mention – titles, peripherals, the system itself and how such costs will roll out across all the regions.

    • ZonalRipper

      Agree with most of the comments here, although i thought i would never agree with XMBeaner, it would be great to see something new, something jaw dropping.

      As much as i would like to see it StellaKing, i don’t think we will see anything in way of pricing, maybe some peripherals.

      I am still predicting a Q1 2014 release

  • Cgamer48

    We need new IPs !!!

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