24 Hour Gaming Marathon 2019

*****UPDATE: Give Away Prizes*****

Now that we are on the count down to the main event, we will throughout April start adding the awesome prizes we have to give away and more importantly for you to win.

As with every gaming marathon we have done to be in with a chance of winning all you have to simple do is make a donation to our just giving page


Every £5 donation you make will enter you into the prize draw to win any so the bigger your donation(s) the higher your chances of winning one of the following prizes:

Give-away Prizes

Limited Run Games:
Limited Run Games: Lone Survivor [PS4]
Limited Run Games: Curses Chaos [PSVita]
Limited Run Games: Stealth Inc. Ultimate Edition [PSVita]

Insert Coin Prizes:
Insert Coin £5 Voucher
Insert Coin £10 Voucher
Insert Coin £20 Voucher

Steam Codes:
Layers Of Fear
Guild of Dungeoneering Deluxe
Cook Serve Delicious 2~
Fallout 4
Transformers Devastation x2
Minecraft Story Modes Season Pass Edition
Night in the Woods

Playstation 4 Games:
Devil May Cry 5 [Physical]
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice [Physical]
Days Gone [Physical}
The Last of Us Remastered [Code]
Knee Deep [Code]
Ark Survival Evolved [Code]
Ark Scorched Earth [Code]
Wuppo [Code]
Where are my friends? [Code]

Xbox One Codes:
Layers of Fear [Code]
Wuppo [Code]
Flipping Death [Code]
Real Farm [Code]

Nintendo Switch Codes:
Chiki-Chiki Boxy Racers [Code]

Misc. Prizes
Roccat ISKU Gaming Keyboard
Souls of Darkness Book

The Playstation Show UK are back with another legendary 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money and awareness for the amazing charity SpecialEffect

We put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them to play video games.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

That’s right people, back by popular demand the host’s of The Playstation Show UK are taking part in another 24Hour Gaming Marathon and this is the official announcement.

After not running the event last year we are back with eagerness and determination to raise as much as possible for SpecialEffect,
If you are aware of our previous charity events then you know of our love and awe for this amazing charity and why it is our charity of choice again this year.

Now for the important stuff, see the FAQ below for the main information there will be more posts to come that give more detail on live streams and giveaways.

When is this awesome event taking place?

The event will start 5th May @ 10am

Who will be taking part?

All 4 host’s
ZonalRipper (Alan),
Here-Comes-Bod (Aaron),
The-Big-Don (Lee)
DsonicX (Chris)

Will the event be live streamed?

Yes each host will be live streaming and you can catch these all on twitch

How can i show my support?

We would absolutely love it if you could donate to our just giving page
It doesn’t matter how small the donation.

You can also show your support on the day by showing up to either of the live streams and cheering us on.

Can i take part in the event?

Absolutely, the more the merrier.
If you want to join the hosts and game for the 24Hours or even part of the 24Hours then let us know, all we asks is that you point your friends and family to the above just giving page.

Will you do giveaways again?

Provided we get enough support from media out lets and online stores then we will of course endeavour to do giveaways, there will be future posts on this soon to come.

Donation Giveaway Prize Update

Now that we are leading u


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