Sony E3 Press Conference…Did Sony Win?

The Sony E3 Conference went ahead early hours of Tuesday morning, Gamers around the world perched on the edge of their seats glued to Sony’s live stream with match sticks propping up their eye lids.
After seeing the Microsoft Conference we all wait in anticipation hoping that Sony have listened to their fans and pull something magical out of the hat, that something that will make us all go “Yes Sony, Yes, Thank you for listening to us”….So did Sony give us what we want?

Well firstly before i get into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, let me introduce you to something that certainly isn’t ugly

The Playstation 4

So as you can see, Sony unleashed what our next gen console is going to look like and it’s not half bad to look at, OK so it’s not going to win any design awards but it still has that sexy Sony look to it.


So onto the next important question, When? and How Much?….
Unfortunately no day has been set in stone, but our release period is Holiday Season, So we are assuming November, but more importantly on to the price.
After Microsoft announcing their price for the Xbox One at £429 ($499), a lot of people took a short in take of breath and hoped and prayed that Sony would not follow suit,
Thankfully they didn’t. 
Sony have probably caused a few people to become very worried over at Microsoft when they announced that you can pick-up a Playstation 4, Day one, for £349 ($399)

Your doing good so far Sony, So what about the dreaded DRM……(Crosses fingers and cringes)
Well you’ll also be glad to read the following:

  • PS4 Supports Used Games
  • Disc Based Games can be 
    • Traded in at retail stores
    • Sell it to another person
    • Lend it to a friend
    • Or keep forever

The above announcement got the audience and anyone watching on the live stream very excited, this was essentially a make or break situation, would we of really been annoyed if Sony did introduce DRM, Yes i suppose, but we would of got over it, but this announcement shocked a few people and goes to show that Sony are listening to us “Gamers”.

Another middle finger to Microsoft, so elegantly done by Sony was this announcement  
“Our system does not require you to check-in online every 24Hours” ….Beautiful Sony Just Beautiful


So at the moment we have had the good and the good, so where’s The Bad and The Ugly….?
Well to be honest there wasn’t anything really that bad so i am going to cheat a little here and give one of the slight disappointments as both The Bad and The Ugly..
On-line Multiplayer on the PS4 is only available for Playstation Plus Members, This is a little disappointing but is no real big shock, with integration with Ustream and GaiKai this was kind of Inevitable, Sony however did soften the blow by announcing that Drive Club: Plus Edition will be Free on the PS4 for all Playstation Plus Members from Day One…..Oh my, Sony, you’re starting to make us blush.

So there you have it, with the above announcements it appears Sony have listened and are looking set to give us a Next Gen console to be proud of and does what we want, it seems very much that they took a stance of “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and change it, rip people off orstop them playing online after 24hours.”
Did Sony win? Oh yes they did

If the above wasn’t enough to secure your PS4 pre-order then here is a little of what else was shown:

 As always guys leave any comments below about your Good, Bad and Ugly moments of E3 so far.


Long time gamer starting with the likes of C64, Owned every Playstation console to date. Host/Editor of the Podcast and Editor of the website and self confessed Trophy Whore

Comments on Sony E3 Press Conference…Did Sony Win?

  • suck69

    Sony came, Sony saw, Sony kicked X-Box One’s ASS.

    • ZonalRipper

      Agree, This conference could of gone very bad, but in fact the couldn’t of done any better

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