Playstation Announcement Coming 20/02/13…..PS4?

Sony have just put the hope and excitement into everyone of it’s gamers, by teasing us with a video showing really nothing but an announcement date

This Date:  Wednesday 20th February 2013

So what will this announcement be, well people in the gaming media industry are saying it could be the Official Announcement of the PS4 (Whoop Whoop) and every PS3 owner is crossing their fingers and legs with the hope and excitement that it is too.

How likely is this going to be what we want though? Well there has been a lot of chat about the PS4 lately especially with the recenet leak of the Specs for the Dev Kits sent to Developers

But this could all be a lot of noise about a game release …..But we doubt it!

All i do know is that all of us at TpSUK are very excited, and when we know more we will no doubt be shouting about it.

If you have not seen the teaser video check it out now below

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Comments on Playstation Announcement Coming 20/02/13…..PS4?

  • thebigdon

    Roll on 20th Febuary!!!

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