E3 2015 – Predictions

E3 is back again  in it’s 21st  Year   of running since  it began in 1995, The year  Sony announced  the PSOne, Nintendo announced the Virtual Boy , and people saw footage or had hands on with some of the awesome games like Ridge Racer, Battle Arena Toshiden and Virtual Fighter.

So that leads into the next question…. What will we see this year!

With gaming companies keeping their “Trump Cards” under wraps, this leaves us only pondering  and speculating, so without further a do below is some of our predictions for E3 2015

The Big Don's Predictions

1: Morpheus to have a big presence.

2: No Man’s Sky to get a release date.

3: Call of Duty either getting parity or launched 1st Dlc on ps4.

4: Playstation Now has a launch date.

5: The Next Gran Turismo gets teased.

Tidders Predictions

1: CoD opens the show with them announcing exclusive dlc.

2: Morpheus gets shown and gets a release area (Christmas) and a price.

3: something new to do with ps plus that makes it even better

4: no mans sky gets a release date this year as does last guardian!

5: crash bandicoot gets announced! Wut

Zonal's Predictions

1:  Detailed information on the new slimmer Increased Hard-dive  PS4

2:  Morpheus Promo Video but no on stage presence

3: Mirrors Edge Catalyst release Details and Exclusive PS4 DLC

4: Ratchet & Clank Demo’d and Release Info

5: Red Dead Redemption Remake  and PS4 Timed Exclusive




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  • Tom Tidswell

    Can’t wait for mirrors edge catalyst!

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