DsonicX – Top 10 PS4 Games of 2018 Is your top game of 2018 in this list?

So just to make it clear, this is my personal top games of the year for 2018, and is based on games that I have played, and were released in 2018, so here we go, enjoy

1. God of War 

God Of War - Trailer

This was a big hit for PlayStation this year, and was the perfect follow up to the series in general, with a new camera angle just adding to Kratos’ immersion into a new world full of new gods to slay, full of secrets to uncover, with an open world to explore, with a few side missions, it was the inclusion of kratos’ son, Atreus, that expanded the story, and lore of the god of war, and with the new axe, refreshed the combat system, and never made this feel like an overblown escort mission, and the further you progressed, there are a few excellent nods to fans of the series, its scores bonus points for me, by having no multiplayer jammed in there, and no pay to win DLC, a complete package and I loved it from start to finish, epic.

  2. Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter: World - Trailer

Well this was a surprise for me this year, having never tried any of the previous Monster Hunter games, this looked excellent, but I was a little worried about the control scheme, and yes each of the different weapons come with their own controls, and styles of play, but your rewarded with experimentation, and I did find the insect Glaive to suit me perfectly, the story isn’t the best with hunters moving to the new world, and going out to hunt new monsters, but your always getting gear to improve your character, and being able to join random people, no grief of any kind happens and its a joy to help out people with the more difficult monsters, each hunt feeling like an epic encounter, and the experience is always better with a group of friends.

3. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man - trailer

Another glorious single payer experience, and possibly the best super hero game to date, Spider man comes to us with a fairly original story, and a brilliant New York to play around in, and what fun it is to do so, from the combat making full use of Spider-man’s agility, making fights quick and stylish, to just swinging around the city, I think I only used the fast travel a couple of times, and you gain experience for pretty much everything you do, with a load of different suits, some original, some classic, adding fun power ups, and the story is pretty solid, with some classic villains showing up, and some cool side missions, a few of the challenges were a little frustrating, but not frustratingly so.

4. Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus - Trailer

So yet another remaster of this classic, but man with the power of the PS4, this game looks stunning, and the story it tells really resonates with me, better than most games released in the last 5 years, big, open beautiful world to explore, it feels barren, but trust me its not, and each battle with the colossi is fun, and epic, with a good variation between them all, if you’ve never played this game previously, its a must have.

5. Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey - Trailer

Hot on the heels of last years Origins, with a move from Egypt to ancient Greece, I never been a big Creed fan, only really getting into the series from 4 onward, and I do base my buying decision on where its being set, and ancient Greece, with its stories of wars, and mythical monsters has me hook, line, and sinker, its a brilliant open world to explore, with a ton of stuff to do, maybe sometimes to much, and so far its been a fairly glitch-less experience, its fun to play, I love stealthing some enemies, and sometimes the more Gung-ho approach, and its an incredibly beautiful world to explore.

6. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Trailer

So its finally here, the long awaited sequel to one of my favourite games of all time, and its a great follow up, acting as a prequel to the original, with a bunch of stuff to keep you busy, and a typical western story of outlaws, keeping out of the laws hands, its a huge open world, with a ton of secrets, which I’ve had more fun doing than actually playing the main story, which has been the main down fall for me, with some of the mission just being a drag to get through, it not helping that I have to ride a horse everywhere, with no real quick travel, but the travelling is broken up with random things happening which I found more interesting most of the time.

7. Yoku’s Island Express

Yoku's Island Express - Trailer

What an enjoyable game, I played this at EGX last year, and what a brilliant plat-former it is, with some sections of its vibrant, colourful world, playing out as a pinball table, with your character, a little beetle tasked with covering for the postman while he goes on vacation, you find yourself in an adventure to halt the main bad guy, from summoning in a evil god, with you calling on the good gods to bestow upon you powers to further navigate the world, unlocking new areas and tables to pinball around, well worth picking up if your looking for something a bit more accessible and lighthearted.

8. Vampyr

Vampyr - Trailer

This reminded me, big time of those old 3rd party developed games that never sold as well as they should have, and this should of sold a lot more than it did, great atmosphere, set in Victorian London, you play as a newly born vampire, who on waking up and thirsty, accidentally kill your sister,and thus as a doctor, whose come back to London to help combat a plague ravaging London, set out on a quest to find out who made you, and why. Combat is solid enough, and some fun side quests, but its morality system that works so well, with conversations being detailed, and you implementing your skills as a doctor to cure people, or claim them as your victims to help build your vampire abilities, at the risk of locking yourself out of side quests and possibly good loot. I had a lot of fun playing this and do intending on playing it again to embrace my more vampiric side.

9. Timespinner

Timespinner - Trailer

Another fun little plat-former, which has you travelling through time, to stop a mad king, and the full time-travelling stuff actually changing things within the metroidvania type world it has you running around in, unlocking new abilities, and areas, it doesn’t seem that big an adventure at first, but it surprised me with its depth, with some cool power ups to find, and some after game things to find, and multiple endings, a joy from start to finish.

10. Monster Boy and the cursed kingdom

Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom - Trailer

The newest entry on my list, and the second Wonder-boy type game I’ve played this year, this follows a similar art style and game-play mechanics of the dragons lairs, but it played up as more a sequel to those classic Wonder-boy games, and feels a lot fresher for it, with some newer game mechanics, and for me being a bit more accessible to newer players, this brings me back to my Mega Drive days and I love it, from a wide variety of armours and weapons to find, and upgrade, to your ability to change animal forms, and with it new abilities to access previous areas, plenty of secrets to find and a hell of a lot of fun to play, and not so frustrating as Dragons Lair.

Final Words

So there we have it, these have been my most played, and enjoyable games released this year, and I could of probably made a top 20, if you’ve not heard of some of these, go give them a go, roll on 2019.


Hello fellow gamers, I'm DsonicX, Newest member of the TpSUK crew, although i've been living in the live chat for year now. I love an assortment of games from Far Cry , to Destiny, to smaller stuff like OlliOlli and NIDHOGG!!! But my Fav game of all time has to be probably my gaming darling Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I was born with a controller in my hand and will be gaming till I die.

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