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So here it is (God Help Us)

As you are aware it is quickly coming up to our next 24Hour Gaming Marathon and this time we are giving you guys the chance to control our destiny, OK not quite our destiny but what we are offering is the control of our gaming schedule for the 24Hours.

Below is a 24Hour Schedule, for a donation of £5 you can book one of the half hour slots for a particular host and choose what game they play.

Obviously you are not restricted to just one half hour slot, your limit is only the amount you wish to donate, So if you want to book one of us to play a game for 2 hours then a donation for £20 will give you that right.

What do i need to do?
To register your time slot, here is what you need to do:
Make your donation amount to our Just Giving Page.
This is where it all starts, you then need to let us know who you have chosen, what game and the start time, and you have multiple ways of doing this.

  • While making your donation you can either leave a message with the required information below
  • Once your donation is made email tpsuk@theplaystationshow.com with the following information:
    Your Donation Amount, Your Chosen Host, Your Game Of Choice & Your Chosen Start Time:
  • Or complete and submit this form:
    Decision Form
    [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"]

We will then add your slot and game information to the schedule below (this may take up to an hour to display) and that’s it. if the time slot you have chosen is already taken then we will move your request to the next available slot. Please make it clear if your donation if for multiple hosts, time slots or games.

Donate To Play Schedule

If you want to “Donate to Decide”, Head over to our Just giving page and make your donation (£5 for a half hour slot).
Then email us your Donation Amount + Host Name + Game Of Choice + Start Time 



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