Community trophy count

Hello one and all

So here is the thread for the community trophy count all members old and new can join whenever they want

Few simple rules:

1.  Hosts and myself DsonicX are not eligible

2. Anyone wanting to take part must be on my friends list so i can keep track of your trophies

3. Trophy count will be added up at 8pm before the live show every other monday or when the next show is if people are on holiday

4. Any new members are welcome but trophies will only be counted from joining date

5. My word is final so no bickering little typical internet trolls 🙂


Comment on this post and add me to your friends list and i shall post updates in this forum post in the last hour leading up to the show

Good luck everyone and happy trophy hunting



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About DsonicX

Hello fellow gamers, I'm DsonicX, Newest member of the TpSUK crew, although i've been living in the live chat for year now. I love an assortment of games from Far Cry , to Destiny, to smaller stuff like OlliOlli and NIDHOGG!!! But my Fav game of all time has to be probably my gaming darling Sonic The Hedgehog 2. I was born with a controller in my hand and will be gaming till I die.

20 Responses to Community trophy count

  1. CgamerX says:

    count me in

  2. Shaun R says:

    I’m in (Qvize77)

  3. Michael Seaman says:

    I’m in, PSN michaelxseaman

  4. Ray Harkins says:

    I’m in, datsun-Des

  5. Voodooyaz says:

    I’m in!

  6. Waterfields1 says:

    Count me in Broski Waterfields1

  7. Josh Butters says:

    I’m in

  8. smithy777 says:

    I’m in, PSN smithy777

  9. Chris Williams says:

    Don’t forget to send me a friend request if your not already

  10. Stellaking says:

    Promise of epic banter & community comedy? How could I not! PSN: Stellaking_Si

  11. Ozzy says:

    Count me in I’ll fulfil the Bod role always last but every now and again can surprise everyone. PSN ozzy1982

  12. BirdyLad says:

    I’m in, great idea.

  13. Tidders93 says:

    count me in 🙂

  14. Count me in please! PSN – damien14273

  15. David Collier says:

    Am in

  16. Dodge Williams says:

    Sign me up please..

  17. Griff8875 says:

    Am I on this? There will be ruptions if I’m not!! 😉

  18. MrSlugga says:

    Sign me up bit%ches!

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