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TpSUK PS3 Theme has landed

1 Comment | admin

Have you ever sat in front of your PS3 looking at the box standard XMB thinking “How can i spice up my XMB?” , “What would make my PS3 stand out from everyone elses?”

Well your wishes have been answered, thanks to our awesome community member MOgotgame.

You now can upgrade your ps3 theme to the ultimate theme, the theme to rule them all, the official The Playstation Show UK (TPSUK) Theme.

Sony E3 Press Conference…Did Sony Win?

2 Comments | ZonalRipper

The Sony E3 Conference went ahead early hours of Tuesday morning, Gamers around the would perched on the edge of their seats glued to Sony’s live stream with match sticks propping up their eye lids.
After seeing the Microsoft Conference we all wait in anticipation hoping that Sony have listened to their fans a pull something magical out the hat, that something that will make us all go “Yes Sony Yes, Thank you for listening to us”….So did Sony give us what we want?

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